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With humble beginnings, the DREAM Homes & Estates Inc. Team Powered By Keller Williams Realty started out small on Cape Cod. It’s founder, Mariana Costa, at the age of 19 began her path of service, judged not by the harvest reaped, but instead by the seeds planted along the way. Choosing every step of the way to never sacrifice integrity for growth, from day one Mariana began to create a business built by referral. “I would find myself running around in circles to get results I expected to deliver. I realized at a very young age that life wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding, my services could not be nearly as effective, without relationships. One of the first lessons I learned while practicing real estate is that many in my career path chose on a daily basis, to work in a transactional manner. They get the lead, work the lead, close the lead and move on to the next one. My thought was and is today: I would expect my REALTOR®, someone I worked with for months maybe even years, to be there for me not only during the sale, but after the sale as well. She would know the right people to call for any service I could possibly need.” Mariana said. Building a team focused on service and delivering results to their clients has always been a dream for Mariana. Her passion to serve the needs of clients before, during and after the sale is now shared in the DREAM Team philosophy. A start to changing how real estate transactions are seen forever. Call DREAM and experience the difference for yourself.


No man can fully grasp how far we have come and how fast we are willing to go to turn a DREAM into reality. Such breathtaking distance and speed can't help but create new wheels as it dispels old. We choose to embrace change and inspire infinite collaboration on this quest to set standards of excellence in service, marketing and innovation. By delivering true leadership producing unsurpassed results to our clients, we service with passion not because it is easy, but because it’s natural. Your goal is our mission. Its conquest will serve to organize the best of our energies and skills because it's a challenge we are willing to accept, one we are not willing to postpone and one we intend to win!